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NDE and Spirit Events

20+ years as a Psychic Medium, Facilitator of Interfaith Spiritual Guidance and Gifted Author.


Karen Baldwin is a psychic medium with unique insights to near death experiences (NDE).  She shares a message to help others embrace who they are, understand they are part of a bigger fabric and connect with the Guardian. 

She knows that the Spirit is in the eyes and the Soul is in the heart – here’s looking at the real you.  Through our Faith In One we can all feel God’s love, reconnect with our divine purpose and loved ones who have passed on.

Karen has 8 near death experiences (NDEs) that have opened her heart and mind to the reality of God, His Love and our eternal purpose.

Near Death Experiences

Psychic Medium

Karen has a gift - she has the ability to connect with loved ones who have passed on, sharing messages of hope and love through Spirit Events.

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